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Hurting Religious Sentiment-Tale of Two Cases!

Hurting Religious Sentiment-Tale of Two Cases!

As a filmmaker venturing into topics involving religion in India, you must navigate a complex legal landscape. Will your movie be celebrated for its bold storytelling, or will it face a ban due to allegations of hurting religious sentiments? The key question is whether your film addresses social evils within a religion or if it […]

ChatGPT & Copyright Riddle: Addressing the Screenwriter’s dilemma!

The world of screenwriting has seen a remarkable evolution with the advent of artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT has emerged as a versatile tool in the arsenal of many creative minds. However, with great innovation comes great responsibility, especially regarding legal matters like copyright. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to demystify the legal […]

Copyright Act, 1957: Summary of provisions crucial for Screenwriters & Authors.

In the vibrant realm of creativity, where authors and screenwriters breathe life into stories that captivate our hearts and minds, the Indian Copyright Act of 1957 stands tall as a fortress of protection. Within its pages lie the rights and provisions that safeguard the artistic endeavors of these imaginative souls, ensuring their works are respected, […]

Satyajit Ray Judgment: Decoding Delhi High Courts Judgment on Screenplay Rights!

Who owns the copyright in the screenplay of a film if the author has been commissioned by the producer of the film to write the screenplay? Is it the producer of the film or the author of the screenplay? Interesting questions, right? Recently, Honourable Delhi High Court delivered an iconic judgment (in the case of […]

Legal Checklist of screenwriters

Picture this: You’re a screenwriter with a brilliant idea for a movie. You spend countless hours hunched over your computer, pounding out page after page of witty dialogue and heart-wrenching plot twists. But in the midst of your creative frenzy, you forget about the legal side of things. Next thing you know, you’re hit with […]

Are you casting a child artist in your film? You must read THIS.

India has a rich history of films featuring child actors, with many memorable performances that have won the hearts of audiences. From classics like “Anjali” and “Mr. India” to recent hits like “Secret Superstar” and “Dangal,” child actors have played an integral role in Indian cinema. However, there have been instances where the treatment of […]

Attention writer/filmmaker! What is the right time to sign an agreement?

I have talked a lot about contracts/agreements on this blog. I have discussed what kind of contract we should sign. How can we spot red flags in a deal? What is the need to sign a contract? However, we have yet to discuss the right time to sign a contract, primarily an entertainment contract. This […]

How much nudity is legally allowed in your film/art?

The anatomy between art and obscenity has always existed. It is challenging to pinpoint the blurred line between artistic expression and the offense of obscenity (especially in Indian law!). On the one hand, nudity has a special place of expression in our Sanatan Sanskriti. It is evident from beautiful sculptures of the temples like that […]

Analysis of the Ranchi Court Judgment in Film Jug Jugg Jiyo Case!

The recently released film Jug Jug Jiyo made the headlines even before its release due to a Court case. One Writer Mr. Vishal Singh filed a lawsuit against Dharma Productions and others, citing copyright infringement. Mr. Singh had shared a 3/4th of a page story titled ‘Bunny Rani’ with Dharma Productions in the year 2020. […]

Can you make a legally enforceable agreement by Email/Message?

Covid-19 enhanced the speed of digital transaction multi-folds. Generally, we finalized the terms of our arrangements via email, even on WhatsApp (instead of having signed and stamped agreements). Is such agreement (concluded on email/WhatsApp) legally enforceable? What points should we keep in mind while entering a deal via email? Can we sue someone for breach […]

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