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AFC Film Production Legal Astra

In the world of filmmaking, your creative vision deserves to shine, and we’re here to make sure it does! Why do you need these agreements? Because they are the bedrock upon which your creative vision stands. They guarantee that you maintain a clean chain of title, allowing you to confidently sell your film to distributors, including those prestigious studios and OTT platforms you’ve always dreamed of.

Why AFC Film Production Legal Astra?

You’ve probably heard us talk about it before, but it’s worth repeating – having rock-solid agreements with every contributor to your film is the key to retaining ownership and control. It’s your golden ticket to confidently selling your film to distributors, including those big studios and OTT platforms you’ve been dreaming of.

What You Get with AFC Film Production Legal Astra:

12 Customized Templates

We’ve got your back with an exclusive set of legal templates, 100% tailored to your unique needs. No cookie-cutter solutions here. The templates include:

  1. Standard Writer Agreement
  2. Director Agreement
  3. Music Composer Agreement
  4. Lyricist Agreement
  5. Artist Agreement
  6. Executive Producer Agreement
  7. Art Director Agreement
  8. DOP Agreement
  9. Line Producer Agreement
  10. Editor Agreement
  11. Sound Designer Agreement
  12. Service Provider Agreement

This list can be customized as per your need! There is no hard & fast rule!

Project Consultation Session:

To kick things off, we’ll sit down for a detailed consultation where we dive deep into your project. We’ll identify the specific documents you need and provide you with a comprehensive list of queries to help us customize your drafts. You’ll also receive a clear timeline for the delivery of your agreements.

Tutorial for Seamless Execution:

Once we’ve crafted your agreements, we don’t leave you hanging. We’ll guide you through the process of filling in the blanks in your draft and walk you through the steps to sign the documents correctly. We’ll even provide you with guidance on stamp paper requirements, ensuring that everything is buttoned up legally.

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