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AFC Sports

Looking to invest in sports and earn a profit? Do you want to start your own sports franchise or organize a sports event?

We are here to legally assist you with various aspects:

  • Constitution/Bylaws/Policies: Establishing governance structure, franchise rights and obligations, member voting rights, match play conditions, and anti-doping/discrimination policies.
  • Franchise Agreements: Setting up terms and conditions for franchise ownership, operation, and financial obligations.
  • Player Auction/Draft Rules: Defining the process for player acquisition, including eligibility criteria, bidding/drafting mechanisms, salary caps, and dispute resolution.
  • Player Contracts: Ensuring player participation through comprehensive agreements outlining terms, compensation, rights, and release provisions.
  • Tender & Team Bidding Documents: Outlining the process for franchise participation, bid criteria, and evaluation methods.
  • Licensing Agreements (league logos, branding, merchandise)
  • Broadcasting Rights Agreements: Securing TV, radio, and online streaming rights.
  • Sponsorship Contracts: Attracting sponsors through agreements outlining financial terms, brand exposure, and obligations.
  • Venue Agreements: Securing facilities for games and events.
  • Ticketing Contracts: Managing ticket sales and distribution.
  • Marketing Agency Agreement: Developing and managing league marketing strategies.
  • Insurance Agreements: Covering players, staff, and potential liabilities.
  • Equipment & Apparel Contracts: Securing uniforms and gear for teams.
  • Medical Services Agreements: Providing healthcare services to athletes.
  • Security Contracts: Ensuring safety at venues and events.


Let us provide you complete legal cover to move ahead!

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