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Attorney Talk: Ep-1: Protection of work based on real-life events (Video).

Welcome to the first episode of attorney talk. This step is a new initiative of attorney for creators. After receiving constant suggestions, I have decided to make informative videos on legal topics. The objective is to make the law easy to understand. So, let's begin!

About the video: We all know that Copyright does not protect facts, events, historical and mythological events. Hence, the question is, if someone has created a work (For example- written a story/script or made a film) based on reality, will s/he receive copyright protection? I shall give you a very lawyerly answer, "It depends"! Now, without any further discussion, watch this video to figure out! If you like the video, subscribe to the channel and share the video! Click at the given link;

Image credit: SCAM-1992 (Sony TV)

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