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AFC Warta: A chat with senior screenwriter Ms. Jyoti Kapoor (video)

Hello Creators,

Welcome to AFC Warta: Where creativity meets legality!

This interview episode is exclusively for a person who wants to make a career in screenwriting. In this interview, we chatted with a senior screenwriter, Ms Jyoti Kapoor. Ms Kapoor has written the blockbuster movie Good New. Apart from that, she has movies like Badhai ho, Dawat-e-Ishq, etc., to her credit.

In this episode, we talked about her journey as a screenwriter, along with a few tips for aspiring writers regarding improving their craft, the art of pitching, mistakes that they can avoid, etc. We also discussed how legal awareness plays a crucial role in shaping a person's career as a screenwriter.

The short scriptlets of this interview are steaming on our Instagram (Link: However, you can view the full episode here.

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