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Are you a creative person? Do you invest your time and energy on your creation? Most importantly, do you want to protect your creation from infringement? Do you want to ensure that you have not infringed other person’s work, even innocently? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Being a copyright lawyer, I have worked closely with creative minds. I have observed a sense of vulnerability among them when it comes to exercise legal rights. There can be numerous reasons for the same, like indifference towards law, unequal contractual bargaining power and reluctance to approach professional help. I decided to start this blog due to my close proximity with creative minds, profound interest in intellectual property law and a longing to create a single platform to cater to the various legal needs of creative minds. 

There is a dichotomy between art and law. Artist is a vast community. A non-exhaustive list includes authors, musicians, photographers, painters, sculptors, designers, actors, novelists, cinematographers, screenwriters, dancers, composers, etc. There are two common things among all artists. Firstly, their creation is their most valuable property. Secondly, indifference towards law is their big obstacle. Keeping this in mind, I have created this platform exclusively dedicated to the interrelation between art and law! My focus is to address the legal issues faced by your creative brain over at various stages of your creative journey.
This blog is purely for education and awareness purposes. Any article does not equivalent to the legal opinion. Legal opinion on a similar issue may vary due to different sets of facts and circumstances in different cases. Please understand, Mr. Google can make you a bit aware but that does not substitute the professional help! Hence, make yourself aware here but for any specific help do not hesitate to write to me at I am so excited to begin!

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